The Open University of Tanzania (OUT), in collaboration with the African Virtual University (AVU) is implementing a continent-wide teacher education and training programme. This programme focuses on increasing the quality and number of Mathematics, Science and ICT teachers through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) both in each course and across each subject curriculum. Twelve Universities in ten African Countries are participating in the programme as listed below

  1. Amoud University - Somalia
  2. East Africa University - Somalia
  3. Jimma University - Ethiopia
  4. Kyambogo University - Uganda
  5. Open University of Tanzania - Tanzania
  6. Universite Cheikh Anta Diop - Senegal
  7. Universite D’Antananarivo - Madagascar
  8. Universidade Pedagogica - Mozambique
  9. University of Hargeisa - Somalia
  10. University of Nairobi - Kenya
  11. University of Zambia - Zambia
  12. University of Zimbabwe - Zimbabwe

The program aims at:

  • Increasing the capacity of teachers in the use of ICT as a tool for teaching and learning Mathematics and Science,
  • Increasing the number of qualified and effective teachers of Mathematics and Science, and
  • Imparting ICT knowledge and develop the capacity of Mathematics and Science teachers to teach ICT as a discipline.

These goals will be achieved by integrating ICTs in teaching and learning Mathematics and Science subjects within the existing two teacher education programs: B. Sc (Ed.) and B. Ed (Science). ICT is integrated in the programs

  • By using some specially written AVU - ICT Integrated self-instructional materials (modules) for Biology, Botany, Zoology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics andEducation. Some OUT academic staff participated in writing these special study materials.
  • By having special modules, one of which is “Introduction to ICT” and others are on how to integrate ICT in each of the science and mathematics subjects (biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics).

We have put at your disposal, all 62 modules and 45 reference modules that are currently available in English on the OUT Website. Any OUT student can download freely any of the books and listed.
The complete list of AVU modules consists of the following titles:

1. Cell Biology
2. Diversity of Algae and Plants
3. Ecology and Environment
4. Evolution
5. Microbiology and Mycology

1. Environmental Chemistry
2. Industrial Chemistry
3. Inorganic Chemistry
4. Introduction to Chemistry 1
5. Introduction to Chemistry 2
6. Macromolecules and Biological Systems
7. Organic Chemistry 1
8. Organic Chemistry 2
9. Physical Chemistry 1
10. Physical Chemistry 2
11. Separation, Electro-analytical and Spectrometric Techniques
12. Volumetric Chemical Analysis
13. Pedagogical Integration of ICT in Chemistry

1. Graphics and Information Management Systems
2. Introduction to ICT
3. Multi-Media Design and Applications
4. Text-Based productivity Tools

1. Analysis 1
2. analysis 2
3. Basic Mathematics
4. Calculus
5. Differential Equations
6. Geometry
7. Linear Algebra
8. Linear programming
9. Mechanics
10. Number Theory
11. Numerical Methods
12. Probability and Statistics
13. Pedagogical Integration of ICT in Mathematics

1. Atomic Physics
2. Electricity and Magnetism
3. Electronics
4. Geometrical Optics and Physical Optics
5. Mechanics 2
6. Nuclear Physics
7. Properties of Matter
8. Solid State Physics
9. Statistical Physics
10. Thermal Physics

1. Classroom Management
2. Comparative Education
3. Contemporary issues in education
4. Curriculum Studies
5. Developmental Psychology
6. Educational Communication
7. Educational Evaluation
8. Educational Management
9. Educational Research
10. Guidance and Counseling
11. History of Education
12. Introduction to General Psychology
13. Learning Psychology
14. Philosophy of Education
15. Reflective Teaching
16. Special Needs Education
17. Teaching Methodology