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In most recent years there has been an increase in the instances of frauds in the management of examinations at all levels of education not only in Tanzania but also in other countries. Many of such frauds include leakage of examination papers and fake certificates and transcripts. In view of this some institutions and governments are taking steps to overcome these problems. The strengthening of the National Examinations Council of Tanzania (NECTA) by the government of Tanzania is one of the many steps that are crucial in curbing these problems. In view of this the OUT management did commission a team of experts early this year to conduct a feasibility study that would come up with recommendations on how to strengthen the security and confidentiality of examination matters at the Open University of Tanzania. Based on their recommendations the Open University of Tanzania has established a directorate of examinations syndicate to oversee all activities regarding administration of examinations, processing of students results and awards. The directorate of examinations syndicate began to operate in August 2008.

The operations of the OUT examinations syndicate operates synonymous to the NECTA in that the university examinations are coordinated from the headquarters in Dar es Salaam and are conducted at more 30 examination centres all over the country. Using its own resources, the OUT management has so far met some of the cost of the establishment of the directorate of examinations syndicate as well as some extra recurrent expenditures of the directorate. The sustainability of the pursued functions of the syndicate, more financial and human resources are still needed now and in the future. In order to enhance further the functioning of the Directorate, up and until June 2010, OUT intends to undertake several activities including the following:

  1. Formal staffing and vetting of the Directorate of Examinations Syndicate.
  2. To ensure that examination Data base is fully operational.
  3. Annual updating of examinations data base is undertaken.
  4. Completion of automation of annual timetables into the exams registration/EHT database.
  5. Review and up grade all examination security arrangements on all Regional centres on an annual basis.

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