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Bachelor of Arts in History (BA Hist)

The bachelor degree in History stresses analysis, observation and creativity rather than strict memorization, and encourages students not only to know facts and ideas present in lectures, field and reading, but must analyze, synthesize and evaluate these ideas. In the process, students are expected to come up with new and creative ways of putting ideas and facts together. History curriculum was geared to inculcate a deep interest, among its students, of the origins, growth and development of human societies and cultures.  Our coverage has always been world wide for we believe that there is no human culture whose history cannot contribute to a deeper understanding of human development.

We have continued our interest in the history of as many world societies as we can cover at any given time.  Our Curriculum bears witness to this.  In recent times we have tried to keep pace with the new areas of interest in history such as Globalization and African History. This is because we believe in the efficacy of the study of history in the broadening of the mind both for those who wish to pursue the study of history to the highest levels and those who merely wish to be informed citizens.

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Course Name:Bachelor of Arts in History
Course Initials:  BA Hist
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