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Certificate in Youth Work(CYW)

The general objective of the Certificate in Youth Work is to provide skills and knowledge to work with young people in the community in a variety of settings. It also aims to provide learners with core knowledge and skills needed to pursue further academic and professional development.

Specifically, the programme aims to accomplish the following:

  • To introduce learners to the contemporary issues in the vibrant and growing field of youth work, with a focus on positive youth development.
  • To develop awareness, knowledge, attitude and behavior appropriate for working with people of diverse nature and backgrounds.
  • To introduce learners to the basics of counseling and work place guidance techniques so as to facilitate personal growth of learners and of those around them.
  • To develop skills and knowledge necessary for engaging youths in planning their career and personal development in general.
  • To develop the required skills, attitude and behavior necessary for leadership and personal management needed to cope with work, study, business and daily life; as well as to be of service to others in the community.
  • To enhance learners’ awareness and understanding of ethical issues in work places.
  • To develop a greater awareness and appreciation of themselves in relationship to others in the community and the world at large.
  • To enable learners apply effective communication skills to establish, build and maintain positive relationships with clients, colleagues and other stakeholders based on respect and trust.

Programme Summary

Course Name: Certificate in Youth Work
Course Initials: CYW
Duration:  1 Year
Total Units:  12
Mode of Deliverence: Blened Mode

Programme Informations

Candidates holding the following qualifications will be eligible for admission into the Certificate in Library and Information Studies:

  • Certificate of Secondary Education Examination with at least FOUR passes.
  • National Vocational Award (NVA) Level 3 in the field of library, information studies or related field.

The program comprises of a total 11 modules that assigned 12 units (120 credits)

Course Title


Number of Credits

Introduction to Youth Work

ICY 001


Working with Diverse People

ICY 002


Introduction to Counseling Process

ICY 003


Introduction to Career Development

ICY 004


Leadership and Personal Management

ICY 005


Workplace Ethics

ICY 006


Self Awareness Skills

ICY 007


Business  Communication Skills

ICY 008


Introduction to ICT

ICY 009


Introduction to Cross-cutting Issues

ICY 010


Project Work

ICY 011


Total Credits



Amount (TZS)

Registration fee


Tuition Fees




Theoretical Courses (40,000 x 11 Units)

Project Work (100,000/-)

Examination Fees (10,000 x 11 subjects)


Students Organization Fees


Student Identity Card


Quality Assurance Fee






Mr. Innocent Messo

This qualification is intended for persons who will apply principles and techniques of youth work in day to day operations of a workplace or an organization.

Assessment will be organized around Continuous Assessment (CA) one Main Timed Test (MTT) which will count 30% of the total marks of the course and a Final Examination (70%).

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