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Department of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Main Duties of Department

  1. To coordinate all innovative development projects  at OUT
  2. To coordinate  practical-oriented training and quality education in entrepreneurship and innovation to student and staff
  3. To coordinate OUT,  Private sector and  Government collaboration endeavours
  4. To establish and oversee incubation services to all sectors of economy
  5. To coordinate business counselling services to SMEs
  6. To promote Innovation and entrepreneurship knowledge management
  7. To ensure that research outputs such as technologies, processes, approaches and products from faculties/Institutes/directorates of OUT contribute significantly in creation of new economic activities in Tanzania.
  8. To put in place mechanisms that allow academic staff, graduates and individuals to convert their research outputs and/or business ideas to commercial companies.
  9. To establish and oversee a proper licensing system including Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) regime that would assist the promotion of effective commercialization of research outputs to encourage and reward innovation by Research and Development Institutions.
  10. To develop entrepreneurship knowledge, skills and competencies of academic staff, students and business people to create opportunities for self-employment and start-up businesses.
  11. To identify new markets based on research, thus creating new enterprises based on priority areas that could bring impact to socio-economic development of the country including diversifying of rural economies.
  12. To attract investment in innovation and commercialization of research results by creating funding mechanisms (Product Development Fund) while increasing the scope and size of risk capital in the country.
  13. To collaborate with various experts in innovation and technology transfer world-wide to nurture innovation, entrepreneurship, intellectual property rights and technology evaluation.
  14. To perform any other tasks as assigned  by your supervisors