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Department of Media and Library Studies (MLS)

The Department of Journalism and Media Studies (DJMS) is under the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS). Since its commencement in 2008, it has been offering two undergraduate degree programmes which are Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Mass Communication and BA in Journalism. In 2015 the department started offering the Masters Programme in Mass Communication following the approval granted by Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU).  The DJMS currently has more than 300 students.

Head of Department

Name: Dr. Henry Mambo

Staff and Programmes In The Department

Ms. Julieth MsuyaAssistant LecturerEmail:
Mr. Nelson MsagatiLecturerEmail:
Ntimi KasumoAssistant LecturerEmail:
Dr. Henry MamboSenior LecturerEmail:
Dr. Lilian IsoweLecturerEmail:
Dr. Athumani SamzugiSenior AssistantEmail:
Chausiku MwinyimbeguAssistant LecturerEmail:
Mugisha KafumaAssistant LecturerEmail:
Azizi KaguguAssistant LecturerEmail:
Boniface MbangalaAssistant LecturerEmail:
Frank CharlesTutorial LibrarianEmail:
Elinahamisa MgayaTutorial LibrarianEmail:
Richard MfinangaTutorial AssistantEmail:
Kahenga DachiAssistant LecturerEmail:
Vincent MpepoAssistant LecturerEmail:
Bujo AmbosisyeAssistant LecturerEmail:
Yussuf ManningAssistant LecturerEmail: 
Libe ChonyaAssistant LecturerEmail:
Husna NurdinTutorial LecturerEmail:

Undergraduate Programmes
Bachelor of Arts in Journalism (BA Journ)
Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication (BA MC)
Bachelor of Library & Information Management (BLIM)

Postgraduate Programmes
Master of Arts in Journalism
Master Arts in Mass Communication
Master of Arts in Library and Information Management (MLIM)
Master of Arts in Geography (M.A (Geography by Thesis)