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Department of Adult and Distance Education

Welcome to the Department of Adult and Distance Education at the Open University of Tanzania. The degrees from this department can open doors to successful careers in education at all levels, business, government, healthcare, and universities. More specifically, our graduates develop abilities to work with adults as counselors in community-based organizations, religious organizations, NGOs and international organizations on issues related to family, financial, and crisis management.

Head of Department

Name: Prof. Elinami V. Swai

Mobile: +255 767 228 353

Staff and Department Programmes


Prof. Elinami V. Swail

HOD – Professor

Dr. Zamzam I. Nyandara


Dr. Mohamed S. Msoroka



Ms. Janeth  O. Jonas

Assistant Lecturer

Ms. Hafidha   Khatibu

Assistant  Lecturer

Mr. Mpeli Mwankusye

Assistant  Lecturer

Mr. Hanington Kabuta

Assistant  Lecturer

Mr. Joseph Kabage

Assistant Lecturer