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Department of Curriculum And Instruction

Wecome to the department of Curriculum and Instruction [C&I]. The name of the department is made by two words; Curriculum and Instruction. This is because there is a great relationship between curriculum and instruction. Curriculum is a design, or roadmap for learning, and as such focuses on knowledge and skills that are judged important to learn. On the other hand Instruction is the means by which that learning will be achieved. The  C& I department  is among the five (5) current departments within the Faculty of Education which seeks to research, develop, and implement curriculum changes that increase student achievement within and outside of schools.  The department focuses on how students learn and the best ways to educate. The department is also interested in new trends in teaching and learning process.  It equips the learners [teachers and those aspire to become teachers] new and appropriate teaching techniques and approaches [pedagogical issues] for the purpose of meeting the needs of the 21st century learner.

 The courses within the department try to find answers to questions such as “why to teach”, “what to teach”, “how to teach” and “how to evaluate” in instructional process. We anticipate that the graduate from the department of C&I will be an exemplary teacher, teacher educator, and educational researcher in curriculum, instruction, supervision, and related areas.  Further, the graduate will be in a position to promote a thriving intellectual community, recognized for high quality research and scholarly contributions; exemplary undergraduate and graduate teaching; and professional service and leadership in and outside of Tanzania.

Head of Department

Name:  Dr. Mary Ogondiek
Mobile:0754051096 or 0718570296

Staff and Department Programmes

1Mr. Getera, C. ASS.LECTURER742877424OEI 230
2Mr. Mhangwa, Y. ASS.LECTURER713584113OEI 231 OEI 244
3Ms Ngenzi, S. Dr. ASS.LECTURER767497408OEI 232, OEI 101
4Mr. Komba, A. TUTORIAL ASSISTANT625862619OEI 234
5Mr. Mdonya, N..ASS.LECTURER7160320176OEI 235
6Dr. Mtitu, E. LECTURER766559166OEI 237
7Dr. Lukindo, J. LECTURER787105544OEI 238, OEI 239, OEI 240
8Dr. Mulengeki, F., SENIOUR LECTURER786962607OET 231, OET 301
9Dr. Namamba,  A.LECTURER683201805OEI 236
10Dr. Ogondiek, M. LECTURER754051096OEI 241, OEI 242, 
11Mr. Nderego, E.ASS.LECTURER OEI 101
12Dr. Kigobe,  J. .LECTURER714405782OET 231, OET 302
13Mr. Salehe, Kassim, ASS.LECTURER789875633OEI 101, OEI 232
14Dr. C. MnyanyiLECTURER784779930OEI 245
15Dr. R. NgongeLECTURER754426163OEI 243