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Department of Psychology and Special Education

The Department of Psychology and Special Education (DPSE) takes this opportunity to welcome you to the Faculty of Education and specifically in the department. DPSE is one of the five departments in the Faculty of education. It has academic staff with broad range of experiences to facilitate learning.
The department offers courses in areas related to psychology, guidance and counselling, educational research, special needs education, inclusive education, disability studies, and early childhood education.

Psychology and Special Education are two of major fields of study in education. Psychology and Special Education are diverse fields of study that researchers, educators and scholars are interested with. The two fields are practical and research oriented that provide student teachers with knowledge on how learning takes place, and how learning is related to human behaviour. The knowledge provided focuses on preparing effective teachers.
 Generally, programs in the Department of Psychology and Special Education prepare students to become individuals who embrace inclusive society, researchers and professionals. Through instruction, research, mentorship, and community involvement, our students develop critical skills and knowledge to contribute meaningfully to the general society.  You are welcome to join and enjoy a broad range of knowledge and skills from the department.

Mission Statement
The Department of Psychology and Special Education (DPSE) mission is to fosters excellence in education through enhancing early learning and inclusive education practices in schools and the general society. We conduct and disseminate innovative, rigorous research, and translate knowledge into evidence-based practices in collaboration with community partners, international partners, and the knowledge-users.

Head of Department

Name: Imani M. Mwakamele
Title:Assistant Lecturer

Staff and Department Programmes




Dr. Cosmas Mnyanyi

Senior Lecturer

Dr. Theresia Shavega


Dr. Daphina Mabagala


Dr. Hyasinta Kessy


Dr. Bilhuda Msangi


Mr. Imani Mwakamele

Assistant Lecturer

Mr. Daniel Hyera

Assistant Lecturer

Ms. Divine MhalilaAssistant

Ms. Elizabeth Bhalalusesa

Assistant Lecturer

Mr. Moses Nzumile

Tutorial Assistant

Mr. Rebron Samwel

Tutorial Assistant

Mr. Mselem Mohamedy

Tutorial Assistant

Innocent Meso

Bilhuda Chamshama

Martha Kabate

  • I hear You- A new Hearing Service in Tanzania. Implemented in collaboration with SINTEF (Norway) (2017-2020). The aim of the project is to assist hearing impaired children to attend school and participate in society, and to reduce poverty by ensuring access to inclusive and equitable quality education and lifelong learning opportunities for children with hearing impairments in Tanzania.
  • Developing Educators, Improving Early Learning in Rural Tanzania- A project being implemented in Mpwapwa and Chemba Districts in collaboration with Tanzania Teachers Union (TTU) and Education International (2017-2021). The project focuses on professional development to primary school teachers so they facilitate early learning in schools as early learning is the foundation for future learning.
  • ICT for persons with disabilities. The department has an on-going research on creating ICT skills learning opportunities for persons with disabilities. The project is implemented through a number of collaborators including the government, international NGOs, Universities, and the DPOs.