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Department of Biological and Food Sciences

Welcome to the Department of Biological and Food sciences at the Open University of Tanzania. This is one of the three departments in the Faculty of Science Technology and Environmental studies (FSTES). The department offers comprehensive undergraduate and graduate programs aiming to educate future biologists, teachers, biomedical researchers and practitioners, food scientists and nutritionist who can take a leadership positions in the biological industries, food industries hospitals and community, academia, and government.

WelcomeThere are rapid developments in the disciplines of Molecular Biology (particularly Genomics and Proteomics) and Organism Biology (especially related to invasive species and eco-system level changes) make compelling cases for the need to understand life sciences and its potential societal impacts. Furthermore, the field of Food, Nutrition and Dietetics is vast, dynamic and

Welcome area of specialization. There is increasing evidence that what we eat affects our health and quality of life. Diet and nutrition are important factors in the promotion and maintenance of good health and disease management throughout the entire life course.

Head of Department

Name: Dr. Happy Magoha
Mobile: +255 754 299 116

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