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Department of Geography, Tourism and Hospitality Services (GTH)

On behalf of all the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic) and the administrative staff of the Directorate, I extend a very warm welcome to ongoing and new students who will be studying with us this academic year. We hope that your time with us will be successful and enjoyable. Welcome also to all those who have just checked into our webpage out of interest.

Head of Department

Name: Dr. Halima Kilungu
Mobile: +255 755 931 975

Staff and Programmes In The Department

Ms. Celia Muyinga Assistant Lecturer Email:
Dr. Halima Kilungu Lecturer Email:
Dr. Veronica Nyerere Lecturer Email:
Mr. Michael Patrick Assistant Lecturer Email:
Mr. Samwel Savunyu Assistant Lecturer
Mr. Reginald Kimario Tutorial Assistant
Dr. Ladislaus F Batinoluho Lecturer
Dr. Thereza Mugobi Lecturer
Prof. Jumanne Kalwani Associate Prof. Email:
Prof. Magreth Bushesh Associate Prof. Email:
Dr. Emmanuel Mhache Senior Lecturer Email:
Dr. Cosmas Haule Lecturer Email:
Dr. Anna Wawa Lecturer Email:
Dr. Reguli Mushy Lecturer Email:
Dr. Elieza Musana Lecturer Email:
Dr. Ruth John Assistant Lecturer Email:
Dr. Emmanuel Kazuva Lecturer Email:
Ms. Habiba Ally Assistant Lecturer Email:
Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Arts in Tourism Management
Bachelor of Arts in Population and Development (BA DP)
Bachelor of Arts in Natural Resources Assessment and Management (BA NRAM)

Postgraduate Programs

Masters of Tourism Planning and Management (MTPM)
Masters of Arts in Natural Resource Assessment and Management (MANRAM)