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Dr.Gwahula Raphael

Faculty Member

Department of Accounting and Finance

Dr.Gwahula Raphael


Dr Gwahula Raphael is a lecturer in Financial Management,corporate finance,project finance,finanacial markets and institutuions at the Faculty of Business Management of the Open University of Tanzania (OUT). Currently is Coordinator in the Directorate of Postgraduate studies (DRPS) dealing with supervison matters. Among his  responsibilities at DRPS  includes: be the agent of the university in ensuring that a particular candidate is maintaining satisfactory progress, handling of supervisors appointment letters, coordinating the appointments of supervisors in all matters pertaining to postgraduate supervision as well as maintaining a level of communication both with the students and supervisor , handling proposal presentation and keep records,  providing advice and guidance of an academic nature to the student in the conduct of research according to the university requirement, ensuring timely payment of honorarium to supervisors, as well as create, maintain and update supervisors and external examiners’ data base.


He received his PhD in Finance from Dongbei University of Finance and economics  in the Peoples’s Republic of China (PRC) in 2013 his research paper was on measuring efficiency, effectiveness and performance of Tanzania commercial banks. He is also a holder of Master of Busines Administartion(MBA) from Open University of Tanzania and Bachelor of Science with Education (BSc(Ed)  from University of Dar es Salaam(UDSM). He joined Open University of  Tanzania in 2013 as a lecturer after working  with Saint Augustine University of Tanzania(SAUT) as a lecturer.


He has attended various seminars and workshop on Research methodology,Financial control and Management control System(MCS) within ad outside the country. He  has written several papers in peer reviewed journals, both locally and internationally based on his research interests.The following are some of the papers written in his area of interest