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Mr.Michael J.Mwacha

Faculty Member

Department of Accounting and Finance

Mr.Michael J.Mwacha

Assistant Lecturer

Mr. Michael J.Mwacha is an assistant lecturer and consultant in financial management and microfinance management, working under the Department of Accounting and Finance of the Faculty of Management, the Open University of Tanzania. At the faculty level Mr.Mwacha is the current coordinator of Finance one and Microfinance Management courses under the department of accounting and finance. At University level, he is responsible for providing academic facilitation and consultancy to the student of the Faculty at Lindi regional centre as well as contributing to the overall consultancy of the University. He joined the Open University in 2012, as a tutorial assistant. He later pursued a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree at the Open University of Tanzania, and successively completed in 2013. Furthermore, he has attended a seminar on moodle learning, a seminar conducted at Dar es Salaam aiming at equipping staffs with skills in writing and facilitating students through moodle-e learning.

His teaching interests include financial management, Microfinance management, International finance, Financial Markets and Institutions, Business Mathematics and Statistics.