The Open University Consultancy Bureau (OCB) was formed on July 2008 with the overall objective to streamline and efficiently coordinate consultancy, contracted research and public services activities. The OCB has been registered under the Companies Act of 2002 as a non-profit making organization with certificate of incorporation No. 71625 of 25th June, 2009. Prior to that consultancy activities at Open University of Tanzania (OUT) were manned through the Directorate of Postgraduate, Research and Consultancy which manages five Faculties and two Directorates namely Faculty of Law, Faculty of Science, Technology and Environmental Studies, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Business Management, Directorate of Continuing Education and Directorate of Educational Technologies.

The OCB operates through a network of regional centers of the OUT which is available in all administrative regions of Tanzania. Regarding the execution of assignments the OCB is at the strategic position with experts in Information Communication Technology, business management, social work, sociology, political science, education, community economic development and law.


To become an exemplary unit of The Open University of Tanzania in provision of professional and technical support services to public and private institutions and organizations in order to support social economic, cultural and political development of Tanzania, and the rest of Africa.


To constantly improve the universities knowledge and skills base by engaging University staff, students and other OCB members to participate in projects that are contributing to the betterment of social, economic, political, cultural and environment milieu of Tanzania in particular and the rest of Africa.

Core Values


The OCB management is constituted by the board and under the board there is the director who implements board’s decisions and oversee day to day operations of the directorate. The director is assisted by a number of individuals namely, marketing and publicity officer, administrator and personal secretary.