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Department of Policy, Planning and Administration

Faculty of Education

Department of Policy, Planning and Administration

Welcome and thank you for visiting the website for the Faculty of Education (FED) and the Department of Policy, Planning and Administration (DPPA) in particular. The Department of Policy, planning, and administration welcomes you to enroll in its programs. It is committed and geared to provide you with excellent services in teaching, consultancy and researches in educational policy, planning, management, and leadership.

Our aim is to be the favored organ for learning opportunities and a committed partner for helping drive innovation and excellence. The department specializes in education management and leadership excellence with a wide range of courses and programs. It relies on its prestigious members of staff, and a network of national and international experts and partners who carry a wealth of expertise.

Our courses and programs are designed to respond to the pressing needs many organizations and individuals, from both the public and private sectors, are facing today. While cost, quality, and responsiveness will be the measures of strength of our department, knowledge, originality, and inventiveness will be the means of support for sustained improvement and excellence. We look forward to meeting you in person and through various means of communication! We wish you every success as you progress to make your dream a reality! We encourage you to help us continuously improve our service.

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