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Directorate of Communication & Marketing

The Directorate of Communications and Marketing (DCM) of the Open University of Tanzania was established in 2007 for the purpose of marketing and publicizing OUT within and outside Tanzania. Among its key roles are to document, disseminate and sale OUT activities and outputs and to advice the OUT management on public relations matters. The Directorate also handles all internal and external communications of the University. As such, the DCM Office is the main point of contact for different OUT stakeholders and for facilitation of information flow from one part of the university to another.

The Directorate is also mandated to monitor and document the implementation of links and collaboration between OUT and various national, regional and international organizations. We are also responsible for publishing the general OUT information, news and events for sharing with both internal and external audiences. Our goal is to achieve strategic marketing and positive relationship with the many OUT stakeholders so as to assist the realization of the University’s vision, mission and core functions.

Following the establishment of the new OUT organization structure, the Directorate of Communications and Marketing is expecting to establish two Departments;