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Gender Unit

The Gender Unit of the Open University of Tanzania (GUO) is an organ of the Open University of Tanzania (OUT) which aims at promoting equal opportunities for staff and students, as well as mainstreaming gender in all programs and plans of the OUT. GUO supports both female and male staff members in terms of recruitment, leadership, promotion, as well as in knowledge and skill advancement. It also supports students in terms of enrollment procedures, academic endeavors, leadership, as well as in providing advice and counseling in relation to gender issues that may affect their academic life.

Established in 2005 as per the Gender Policy and the National Directive of 2000, The GUO was first coordinated by Prof. Cornelia Muganda whereas it is currently coordinated by Dr. Happy Magoha. The office of the GUO is located at the Temporary Headquarters of the OUT (Block B) in Kinondoni, Dar es Salaam.

Activities of Gender Unit

  • Comprehensive     gender     awareness programmes for staff and students.
  • Gender mainstreaming   in   all   OUT activities.
  • Women’s empowerment programmes.
  • Coordinating    and    facilitating    the eradication of Gender based violence.
  • Communication, Information sharing and Networking.


To have an Institution which observes and maintains equal opportunities for all.


To create an effective and enabling framework to guide the developmental processes in terms of developing policy guidelines, regulations, procedures and practices that will serve to ensure equal rights and opportunities for both gender in all spheres, organs and structures of the Open University of Tanzania.


To provide a clear vision and framework to guide the processes of developing policies, procedures, and practices, which will serve to ensure equal rights and opportunities for both in all spheres, organs and structures of The Open University of Tanzania, for both students and staff.

Gender Unit is operating under Two Main Committees

1.  The Gender Steering Committee which is chaired by the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Elifas Bisanda and Gender Unit Coordinator, Dr. Happy Magoha is the Secretary. The committee is composed of the Management Team of the University which includes, DVCs, Deans and Directors.

2.  The  Gender  Technical  Committee  which is  chaired  by  the  Gender  Coordinator. The committee   is   composed   of   two representatives from each faculty/ directorate.