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Bachelor of Science General (B.Sc. Gen)

Bachelor of Science General programme lead to a variety of career opportunities including scientists working in: industries, metrological agencies, scientific laboratories, academic institutions and one can be self-employed. A student taking Bachelor of Science General degree programme can study a combination of TWO SUBJECTS, one major and one minor, from among the following that are being offered in collaboration with other departments in the faculty: Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics Or, a student can choose ONE major subject from any of the mentioned subjects, and ONE minor subject from any other Department in the Faculty (e.g. ICT, Biology, etc.), or from another relevant Faculty (e.g. Economics, Geography, etc.). You should also note that there is Single Mathematics Programme. For the Single Mathematics Programme, Mathematics is studied as a single subject along with another subject such as Chemistry, Physics, etc. Details of programme structure, showing courses codes, course names and their respective units are given under Programme Structure section. It is important to note that all courses that appear as core courses are mandatory and not optional; hence students are required to take all core courses in this programme.

Programme Summary

Course Name: Bachelor of Science General
Course Initials:  B.Sc. Gen
Duration:  3-8 years
Total Units: 38
Mode of Deliverance: Blended mode

Programme Informations