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Research Agenda and Guidelines

OUT Research Policy and Agenda

Research is one of core function of a university which complement other core functions namely teaching, consultancy and public service. To achieve its research endeavours OUT has formulated a Research Policy and Agenda document to guide all research activities and priority areas. OUT draws its research agenda from various national and international documents. To access the documents, please click the link below:

Intellectual Property Rights Policy

This Policy is meant to encourage and enable technology development, its commercialisation and transfer for the benefit of the public. In the contemporary world, commercialization and licensing of research findings and results to industries and private users is common phenomenon which has attracted a substantial amount of revenue to many universities in the developed and emerging economies. It is high time that OUT strives to tap the immense potential resource which is available in this area by harnessing the potentials provided by the intellectual property assets embodied in research, publication and consultancy findings. To access the documents, please click the link below:

Research Ethics Guidelines

Research ethics are important for all research undertakings. The University undertakes various research activities which – directly or indirectly affect humans, people’s properties, and environment, economic and social issues all of which need to be regulated. These guidelines will help researchers and the research community to be cognizant of their ethical views and attitude, raise their awareness of ethical standards, promote good judgment and enhance their ability to make well research based decisions. Furthermore, the existence of these guidelines will not only promote ethical and scientific intellectual culture among its academic staff and students, but also help to protect rights and interests of human participants. To access the documents, please click the link below:

Research Groups

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Faculty of Business Management

Faculty of Education

Faculty of Science Technology and Environmental Studies

Institute of Educational Technology Management

Activities of the Directorate

The Directorate is responsible for:

  • Providing institutional oversight and coordination of research projects and other collaborative initiatives.
  • Establishment and overseeing of OUT Research Agenda
  • Establishment  and overseeing of  relevant research policy and operational procedures
  • Establish and overseeing of relevant research ethics policy and operational procedures
  • Establish and overseeing of relevant Intellectual Property Rights policy and operational procedures
  • Coordinate innovation and entrepreneurship activities
  • Searching for funding opportunities and dissemination of information about funding.
  • Effecting the dissemination of research findings through publications and participation in conferences, workshops and seminars.
  • Marketing of OUT research and publication capacity to wider community including research community, industry and government.
  • Handling Research Clearance application from student and teaching staff of OUT
  • Overseeing the printing of OUT official publications including Journals and Learning and Teaching Materials.
  • Coordination of the documentation of research database including the archiving of data in a retrievable form as well as establish and maintenance of networks with research communities.
  • Promote Open Distance Learning based research and establish and maintenance of networks with other ODL research institutions.
  • Conduct training on fundable grant proposal and research skills by organizing seminars and workshops to both students and staff.
  • Establishment of the OUT Research and Publication website that will provide all information and activities of the Directorate.