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Prof. Oreku’s Biographical Profile


Prof. George S. Oreku is a Full Professor of Cyber Security and Forensics at The Open University of Tanzania. He obtained his undergraduate degree in Computer Science (1999) and MSc in Computer Programming (2001) from Odessa National Polytechnic Institute, Ukraine. Oreku received his Ph.D. in Computer Software and Theory from the Harbin Institute of Technology, China in (2008). After brief stints as a Director of ICT and Technology Transfer at Tanzania Industri- al Research Development Organization (TIRDO) he did his postdoctoral fellow in Economic Sci- ences and Information Technology at the North West University- Vaal, Johannesburg, SA (2013), Served as a Di- rector for Institute of Education and Management Technologies (IEMT) 2019. He was appointed Deputy Vice Chancellor -Plan- ning Finance and Administration (PFA) at the Open University of Tanzania in (2020) and He is promoted to Full Professor in (2023).

Oreku’s research interests include Information Security, Sensor Networks Security, related security issues in cybercrime and Fo- rensics, cyber warfare and its integrations to R&D, critical Infra- structure, Cyber security, application to mobile computing and Mobile Banking, High performance e-commerce security, and development of culturally sensitive educational models, Curric- ulum Developer (EDUCATION), (South Africa, Ireland, Uganda, China, Finland and Tanzania).

Oreku has made over 100 scholarly contributions, including nearly 70 peer-reviewed research papers over well acknowl- edged databases and indexing in well-known publishers locally and internationally, authored and co-authored more than 10 books in security, Wireless Sensor Networks Security, E-com- merce Security and ICT. This book includes;

An upcoming new Book by IGI Global, “Impact of Disruptive Technologies on the Socio-Economic Development of Emerging Countries, to be published in June 2023,– pact-disruptive-technologies-socio-economic/304442 Modern Technologies role in Pursuit of Socio-Economic Development for Education, Axioms Academic Publisher (https://axiom-aca- (2022), and Reflection of Tax Administration Enhancement Through Digital Technology to Micro Businesses, (Monograph) Generis Publishing (https:// (2021). Artificial Intelligence to Solve Pervasive Internet of Things Issues, Published, Science Di- rect, Elsevier 2021 ,Editor of New Trends in Information and Communications Technology Applications, International Con- ference, NTICT, Baghdad, Iraq Published by Springer since 2018/23,,New Trends in Information and Communications Technology Applications 5th International Conference NTICT 2021 Baghdad Iraq November 1718-2021Proceedings_5th_International_Conference_NTICT_2021_Baghda,Proceedings, Mobile Technologies and Socio-Economic De- velopment in Emerging Nations, IGI Global publisher 2018,, Author of the Book Information Fusion for Cyber Security Analytics – Springer 2017, Security in Wireless Sensor Networks – Springer 2016, Digital De- mocracy Concept methodologies Tools and Ap- plications- IGI- publishing 2012, End-User Com- puting Development and Software Engineering, New Challenges, IGI – publishing 2012, E-Gov- ernment in Emerging Economies, Adoption, E participation and Legal Frameworks – IGI – pub- lishing 2012, Enhancing E- Commerce Security, Methods and Approaches to Defense- Lambert Academic Publishing 2011, The Impact of High-er Interests rate to the Growth of SMEs the case study Tanzani- an Banks- Lambert Academic Publishing 2010.

He has delivered more than 80 invited keynote speeches around the world locally and at International Conferences. He has un- dertaken several contracted scientific research projects, and consultancy services in the computer science Industry, ICT is- sues and STI policy matters since 2010 to date. Oreku has been on many STI review/evaluation panels and advisory boards for both National and International Institutions and Organizations. He has been an External Examiner/Referee for numerous uni- versities, i.e., examinations moderator and academic staff refer- ee/evaluator (e.g., candidates for Professorship positions) since 2009 to date. He has been engaged at national capacity in train- ing since 2015 to date at the Tanzania Police Force (TPF) where by more than 100 Investigators were trained on Cyber Security and Forensics Investigations skills at the level of RCOs. He has been a presenter in the Annual ICT Professionals Conferences in Tanzania under ICT Commission on Cyber Security for National Security in three consecutively years 2018/2020.

Oreku has supervised a significant number of PhD and Masters Students from different Universities in and outside the Country. Currently Oreku is an affiliated Professor with University of East- ern Finland,, Research professor with North West University Vaal Campus South Africa, He also serves as a member group of data Vision Company in Tanzania, one of the ICT service provider companies. He also serves as Senior Associate Fellow for African Institute of Policy Kenya (API), s-oreku/ , an African think tank that is providing policy-relevant research and analysis for Africa’s solutions in Security. He has been a Chairman in many Curriculums Validation team for The National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) Tanzania. He is also a board member of Information and Communication Technologies Commission (ICTC).

Over the past decade, Oreku has co-organized over a number of expert group meetings and International Computer Securi- ty Sciences and Forensics, STI and science Policy Conferences. He is a professional member of International bodies including, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), IEEE, IEEE Tech- nical Committee and Information Systems Security Association (ISSA), SANORD, ERB (2116) and WASET.