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Bachelor of Science(B.Sc)

The demand for data management services in Tanzania is growing each year within both public and private sectors as a result of ongoing digitization processes of enterprise data. The amount of data generated is increasing exponentially and its management is becoming weighty. In Tanzania, the sectors that realize the need of data management services include research and development, data processing firms, teaching/training, advisory services/consulting, maintenance & repair of production facilities, counselling/advocating, development and experiment, production, finance, standardization and licensing, planning and organizations, project management, accountancy, tax affairs, system analysis, project execution, environmental management, processing development, sales management, agriculture, health management and library management.

The apparent data problems include the mismatch in reports retrieval and production, time consumption in data processing, inaccurate data, ineffective data protection, lack of data management practice and haphazard data management and preservation strategies. Many of the data warehousing projects are less than successful although this is a scholarly debate. It is estimated that about 50% of the projects involving data management fail. Data needs to be treated as a strategic asset of the enterprise and should come from the trusted source and be managed effectively throughout its entire lifecycle. This requires a comprehensive academic programme to ensure that data management experts who possess high skills and the desired integrity are produced.

To address the above situation, the BSc in Data Management programme will enable its professionals to choose the right data management tools through their understanding of the types and scope of specific data quality problems.  And due to the diversity of its knowledge in data management the programme beneficiaries will be able to work across different fields. Furthermore, the expanding IT investments in terms of Management Information Systems (MIS) in the country and the region at large, create special market demand for specialists in Data Management ranging from Health sector, Land and Agricultural sector, Law Enforcement sector, Security and Defense, Financial (Banking), Water and Energy, Transportation, Academia, etc.

In order to address the need of data professionals, the BSc in Data Management is designed to produce graduates with all the necessary knowledge in data cycle starting from data creation, data processing, data storage, data security and data management in general. All the above mentioned economic/social sectors require data professionals who are technically competent.

Programme Summary

Course Name:Bachelor of Science(B.Sc)
Course Initials:  B.Sc  
Duration:  3-8 years
Total Units: 40
Mode of Deliverence: Intensive Face to Face, Open Distance

Programme Informations

Candidates must satisfy the general entrance requirements of the Open University of Tanzania for degree award. Besides the general requirements, the candidate must satisfy the special requirement.

The following shall be eligible for registration for the Bachelor of Science programmes in Environmental Studies:

  1. Science stream – BSc. Environmental Studies (Science)
  2. (i) Direct entrants.
    The candidate should have a principal level pass at “A” level in two of the following subjects; Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Physics, or Mathematics.
    (ii) Equivalent qualifications.
    Appropriate Diploma with passes at “O” level in two of the following subjects; Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics or Geography.
  3. Management stream – BSc. Environmental Studies (Management)
  4. (i) Direct entrants.
    Candidates should have a principal level pass at “A” level in two of the following subjects; Geography, Economics, History. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics or Biology.
    (ii) Equivalent Qualifications. Appropriate Diploma with passes at “O” level in two of the following subjects Geography, History, Biology, Chemistry or Physics, Ecomics, Mathematics.

Bachelor of Science(B.Sc)

OIT 111Fundamentals of Information Systems 1
OIT 112Computer Mathematics I1
OIT 113Probability and Statistics1
OIT 114Communication Skills for IT1
OIT 115Introduction to Computer Architecture2
OIT 116Programming in C2
OIT 117Data Communications and Networking I1
OIT 118Industrial Training I2
OIT 119Web Design and Development2
Total Units 13
OIT 211Operating Systems2
OIT 212Systems Analysis and Design2
OIT 213Environmental Computer mathematics II1
OIT 214Object Oriented Programming with Java2
OIT 215Data Communication and Networking II2
OIT 216Introduction to Computer Security1
OIT 217Database Concepts and Design1
OIT 218Web Programming2
OIT 219Industrial Training II2
Total Units 15
LEVEL  Three
OIT 311Information Systems Security Management1
OIT 312Information Systems Planning and Management1
OIT 313Network Design and Administration2
OIT 314Computer Ethics and Social Cultural Implication1
OIT 315Wireless Networks2
OIT 316Final Year Project3
OIT 317Database Implementation and Administration2
Total Units 12
Elective courses
OIT 220Introduction to e-Business1
OIT 220Multimedia Technologies and Applications1
OIT 318Introduction to Computer Graphics2
OIT 319Programming in C++2
Total Units 6