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Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration (BAPA)

The programme has been introduced to cater the required competencies and skills to manage both government and private affairs at public and personal levels. It is worth noting that, government structures and systems are undergoing remarkable changes, which requires employees who have been well nurtured and groomed to acquire those attributes of dynamism, innovativeness, creativity and commitment towards services delivery across the country and beyond the region. The fact that Public Administration is taught as part of Political Science programme in other old universities, indicates that the programme has not been well streamlined in the Political Science and Public Administration stream. For that case, this programme will be more focused on Public Administration as a discipline and a profession, and thus enable the trainees to come out well-versed with the methods and approaches in the management of public and governmental affairs.

Programme Summary

Course Name:BAPA
Course Initials: BAPA
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