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Bachelor of Laws (LL.B)

This programme is designed to enable newly admitted learners who are fresh from school and any other graduates trained in non-legal disciplines to train for a career as lawyers who are capable of working as legal practioners/legal advisers. Bachelor of Laws (LL.B training satisfies the academic stage for learners towards becoming legal professionals as it offers excellent preparation for the training into legal profession. The courses shall be divided into three parts organized into six subparts. Each subpart is equivalent to one half of an academic year in a conventional University. The main materials for each of the subjects shall be called units. Each unit shall cover content materials equivalent to forty lecture hours.

Entry Qualifications into the Bachelor of Laws Programme (LL.B) is two principal passes in any subjects. The course is offered through blended mode, i.e Moodle, distance and partially taught programme (LL.B Executive). Thus, the Faculty is offering two streams under its Bachelor of Laws programme, namely LL.B by Distance and LL.B Executive. The maximum period of study for the degree of bachelor of laws is eight (8) years while the minimum is three (3) years. The medium of instruction is English through open and distance including correspondence materials, electronic learning platform (E-learning) through moodle and scheduled yearly face to face sessions. The use of ICT is the main stream of education delivery mode and other methods are complementary and additional. To qualify for the award of a degree, a candidate must clear all the prescribed degree courses in 100, 200 and 300 series. A fast student may cover more units and thus be able to finish the course in less than the specified maximum period of eight years permitted within which to obtain a degree.

Our LLB programme recognizes the need to provide a law degree that will provide the student with sound academic knowledge of legal concepts and an understanding of the operation of law in a challenging society. A wide range of legal and business law electives are available to enable the student to study in subject areas relating to his or her personal, vocational and academic interests.

Programme Summary

Course Name:LLB
Course Initials:  LLB
Duration:  3 years, can extend to a maximum of 8 years for a distance mode
Total Units:  54
Mode of Deliverence:

Programme Informations

Applicant should fulfill the following conditions:

Certificate of secondary education examination (C.S.E.E) or east Africa certificate of education (ordinary level) or equivalent with passes in four approved subject, obtained prior to the sitting of the advanced certificate of secondary Education Examination (A.C.S.E.E) or equivalent


Two principal level passes in advanced certificate of secondary education examination (A.C.S.E.E.) or equivalent where the

An appropriate equivalent Diploma/Certificate approved by the senate of the open university of Tanzania. (The sum of points in Diploma must be 3.0 and above)

LEVEL ONE (1ST YEAR)-100 Series
Course code

Course Title

OLW 121 Constitution and Legal system of East Africa
OLW 122 Criminal Law and Procedure
OLW 123 Law of Contract
OLW 124 Legal Method
OLW 125 Arbitration and alternative Dispute Resolution
OLW 126 Communication Skills for lawyers (Compulsory non-credit Course)
OLW 127 Computer Skills for lawyers (Compulsory non-credit Course)
OLW 128 Development Studies (Compulsory non-credit Course)
LEVEL TWO (2ND YEAR) – 200 Series
Course code Course Title
OLW 221 Administrative Law
OLW 222 Law of Evidence
OLW 223 Land Law
OLW 224 Law of Torts
OLW 225 Family Law
OLW 226 Succession and Trust
OLW 227 Public International law
Corse code Course Title
OLW 321 Jurisprudence
OLW 322 Civil Procedure
OLW 323 Legal Research and LL.B Dissertation
OLW 326 Labour Law
OLW 327 Law of Business Associations, Cooperatives and Public Enterprises
OLW 330 Private International Law
OLW 331 Legal Ethics
Course code Course Title
OLW 324 Commercial Law
OLW 325 Islamic Law
OLW 328 Tax Law
OLW 329 Intellectual property law
OLW 333 International Criminal Law
OLW 334 Information Technology Law
OLW 332 Human Rights Law
OLW 335 Banking Law
OLW 336 Insolvency and Bankruptcy Law
OLW 337 Criminology and Penology
OLW 338 Environmental Law
OLW 339 Legal Aspects of International Trade and Investment





1Registration fees30,0003030
2Student organization fees (Annually)20,0002020
3Student identity card20,0002020
4Quality Assurance fees (Annually)20,0002040
5Tuition fees per unit course60,0004080
6Field practical per unit100,00070140


  1. Registration fees, student organization fees, identity fee, and quality assurance fees are paid during registration.
  2. Tuition fee is paid on instalment dependents on the number of units the student intend to study in a particular academic year
  3. Field practical fees is paid when student is due to go for industrial training
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Programme has designed to enable students acquire relevant knowledge skills in Law and related subjects and apply the same in resolving legal disputes and also be able to handle various administrative functions in both Public and Private sectors. It is also designed in line with the requirements of the legal professional body in order to earn the graduates significant exemptions in the professional qualification examinations. Upon completion and passing all courses and field practical, a student will be awarded a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) of the Open University of Tanzania.

All courses are examined during the academic year in which they are studied

Examination consist of one timed test and written examination

  • Test account for 30%
  • Written examination account for 70%