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Bachelor of Arts in International Relations (BAIR)

A complex pattern of interactions and cross-border transactions in the contemporary international system point out a need to develop training curricula that will cater the current and future needs of university students; and build their capacities to cope with, and address the challenges associated with broadly extended international issues. For example, the dramatic change in the modus operandi of the transnational corporations brings about a problem of maneuvering the harmonized rules and principles of equity shares of the gains and losses between partner-states. Therefore, Bachelor of Arts in International Relations degree programme is designed to equip students with modern skills and competencies; and to prepare them to become responsible international citizens who can act firmly and aggressively in the international arena. The programme aims to provide students with a combination of theoretical and practical knowledge; and with the ability to apply the same in various capacities and levels.

Programme Summary

Course Name:BAIR
Course Initials:  BAIR
Total Units:  36
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