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Bachelor of Arts in Journalism (BA Journ)

BA Journalism programme has been designed to respond to societal needs and national aspirations. On one hand, the society need to be timely informed on intelligent account of the day that affect their lives, to be educated on various local, national and international issues, to be entertained and to participate on their self-governance. On the other hand, the government needs thorough trained journalists in order to realize national economic, social and political aspirations. Journalists are important in realizing national aspirations because they act as a bridge between the government and citizens as well as a system of check and balance towards the realization of the national aspirations. Without journalists, societal needs and national aspirations can hardly be achieved.

The program aims at producing competent journalists who can contribute to the attainment of the afore mentioned societal needs and fulfilment of national aspirations. Therefore, the programme provides opportunities for any individuals who aspire to become journalists and those already in-service who intend to broaden their scope of knowledge and advance their career.

Programme Summary

Course Name: Bachelor of Arts in Journalism

Course Initials: BAJ

Duration: 3-6 Years

Total Units: At least 36

Mode of Delivery: Blended

Programme Informations