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Bachelor Of Arts In Kiswahili And Creative Studies (BAKISW)

The Kiswahili and Creative Studies programme is divided into THREE levels: 100 series, 200 series and 300 series. At level 100 series the courses acquaint students with both the background and other major linguistics and literary theories. Application of these theories in critically analysing Kiswahili language and literary works. Two courses at this level are taught by other departments, these include OCP 100 Introduction to Microcomputer Studies and Information Technology; OFC 017 Communication Skills.

The two remaining Levels (200 -300 series) of the programme provide instruction on a more advanced level in a broad range of core subjects and therefore enable a student to choose from a range of optional courses which might form the basis of specialization in their future career and studies. The programme is concluded by testing students’ research skills. Those who scored B+ in research methodology (OSW 235) will be given an opportunity to demonstrate their acquaintance in research methods and methodology by registering OSW 336 Research Project in Kiswahili.

Programme Summary

Course Name:Bachelor of Arts in Kiswahili and Creative Studies
Course Initials:  BAKISW
Total Units: Minimum 36 and Maximum and 42 Maximum
Mode of Deliverence:

Programme Informations

Candidates for Social studies will be admitted on the basis of the University regulations, which govern admission process.

There are 18 core courses for each field of study. Each of these courses has two units. The core courses thus accounts for 36 units. An addition of 4 units can be obtained from elective courses opted from various course including their respective departments. A total of 40 units will have to be covered by a student in order to qualify to graduate

Course Code: OSW

Table 1: Number of Courses and Units to be covered by BA Kiswahili Students


Number of Courses

Number of Units

Equivalent to TCU Credits














Payments are done per unit where as one unit costs 60,000. In addition to tuition fee, students will be required to pay other charges like examination fees, essential reference books, stationeries and other related costs for attending practical sessions.

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A student who will graduate in Bachelor in Kiswahili and Creative Studies will have the academic ability and the competence to apply the acquired theories, approaches and knowledge of Kiswahili language to critically evaluate and determine the quality and the validity of any Kiswahili materials especially in literary and linguistics disciplines. The student will precisely be able:

  • To use Kiswahili as a tool of communication.
  • To use and apply linguistics principles, approaches and theories in translation and interpretation.
  • To use and apply principles, theories, approaches and skills to critically analyse and assess works in linguistics, literature, translation and interpretation.

To be conversant with a broad and effective application of linguistics and literary theories in diverse spheres of life.

Assessment will be done by coursework and examination. Coursework carries 30% of the total marks.

The final examination counts for 70% of the total marks.

A candidate shall not pass the course unless he/she attains a minimum of 40% (grade C).