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Bachelor of Arts in Natural Resources and Management (BA NRM)

The Bachelor of Arts in Natural Resources Management (BANRM) is a 36 units programme completed between 3-6 years that seeks to respond to the growing challenges of environmental degradation and food security; effects of habitat fragmentation on wildlife and fisheries; effects of agro-chemicals on ecosystems; environmental consequences of tourism, mining, urbanization; desertification and methods of control; Wildlife/protected area design, planning and management; Water resource protection and management; Human population dynamics and land use changes; Environmental impact assessment and sustainable development. Effects of climate change on productive sectors. The degree programme is designed such that at the end of the first 200 series (LEVEL TWO) students are required to go for field practices for hands-on activities in the area of their specialisation either in Environmental Management, Sanitation, Wildlife, Fisheries, etc. Ultimately the programme is designed to produce competent professionals who can identify, plan and monitor the exploitation of natural resources.

Programme Summary

Course Name:Bachelor of Arts in Natural Resources Management
Course Initials:  BA NRM
Duration:  3-6 Years
Total Units: 36
Mode of Deliverence: Blended 

Programme Informations