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Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)

The programme is designed basing on the needs of the society (Africa and Tanzania in particular) to have as many as social workers to solve severe social problems having been faced.

These include scourge of poverty, food insecurity, rampant unemployment, deadly diseases (communicable & non-communicable), homelessness, and social dysfunctions which are threatening social development and wellbeing of the people.

These emerging issues have created concern in the public on the need to have trained professional social workers to help and empower the population, which is rapidly increasing, with attention to vulnerable groups. Furthermore, the programme provides opportunities for students and those in employment in the field related to social work as well as those who are not in formal employment to enroll for the courses, thus enabling many students to study in the degree programme and increase output of social workers at a faster pace.

Programme Summary

Course Name: Bachelor of Social Work
Course Initials: BSW
Duration: 3-6 Years
Total Units: 36
Mode of Deliverence: Blended 

Programme Informations