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BBA (Finance) course helps students to develop students’ financial analytical ability to evaluate alternatives rationally for the purpose of decision making; and enable students to appreciate the interface between financial analysis and other areas in economics, management, investments, financial markets, international finance, financial services and corporate strategy. Hence the Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance combine the theory and practices to equip students with core financial analytical skills to become an effective investment professional. On successful completion of this program, students are expected to be able to Analyse costs, incomes, expenditures, investments, management decision making problems and control systems,Analyse risk and return, financial market information, international finance information, and corporate financial information for decision-making purposes in organization. A candidate shall be deemed eligible for consideration for admission to the Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance Programme of the Open University of Tanzania if he/she has obtained: Certificate of secondary education examination (CSEE) or east Africa certificate of education (ordinary level) or equivalent with passes in at least four relevant subjects, obtained prior to the sitting of the advanced certificate of secondary Education Examination (ACSEE) or equivalent and either two principal passes in advanced certificate of secondary education examination (ACSEE) or equivalent OR relevant Diploma from a recognized institution with GPA of 3.0 or above.

Programme Summary

Course Name:BBA Finance
Course Initials:  BBA-FINC
Duration:  3 years
Total Units:  36
Mode of Deliverence:

Programme Informations