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Bachelor of Community Economic Development (BCED)

 Students pursuing this program will require 40 units to graduate. From academic year 2015/16 the department will offer the newly revised Bachelor of Arts in Sociology degree as a standalone programme subject to TCU approval.  

Programme Summary

Course Name:Bachelor of Community Economic Development
Course Initials:  BCED
Total Units: 
Mode of Deliverence:

Programme Informations

Candidates for Social studies will be admitted on the basis of the University regulations, which govern admission process.

There are 18 core courses for each field of study. Each of these courses has two units. The core courses thus accounts for 36 units. An addition of 4 units can be obtained from elective courses opted from various course including their respective departments. A total of 40 units will have to be covered by a student in order to qualify to graduate


OSS 121Introduction to Sociology 2
OSS 122Introduction to Social Science Research Methods2
OSS 123Classical Sociological Theory2
OSS 124Introduction to social Psychology2
OSS 125Critical thinking and argumentation2
OCP 100Introduction to computer1
OFP 017Communication skills1

NOTE: After successful completion of all core courses in level I above, a student willbe allowed to choose a specialization from options A, B or C. However, while doing a specialization course of one’s choice, in level II and III, students MUST also do compulsory courses in levels 11 and level III respectively. See the table below on guide to units for BASO students.


OSS 221Contemporary Sociological Theory2
OSS 222Social Science Research Methods2
OSS 223 aField Practice I1


OSS  321Sociology of knowledge2
OSS  322Poverty, wealth and inequality2
OSS  323Globalization and social problems2
OSS  223 bField practice II1

Course work accounts for 30% which includes one main timed test (MTT). The Annual Examination accounts for 70%, thus making a total of 100% score.