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Bachelor of Science in Energy Resources (BSc ER)

Bachelor of Science in Energy Resources programme is designed to prepare students for their professional work in Physics in industry, energy sector and physical environment. This programme provides knowledge and understanding of the physical aspects of nature in relation to dynamics and energy relationships and its dynamics with Mathematics to model the processes as well as practical experience in Energy Resources. The programme also trains students in problem solving and entrepreneurship in the related field. After completing this programme, the student should be able to work as a technologist in industry, do research in Energy Resources and related disciplines. Details of programme structure, showing courses codes, course names and their respective units are given under Programme Structure. It is important to note that all courses that appear as core courses are mandatory and not optional; hence students are required to take all core courses in this programme.

Programme Summary

Course Name: Bachelor of Science in Energy Resources
Course Initials: BSc ER
Duration: 3-8 years
Total Units: 38
Mode of Deliverence: Blended mode of delivery (e-learning).

Programme Informations