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The Environmental Studies degree programme is being proposed in order to train cadres skilled in environmental studies of importance to Tanzania development. The justification for this degree programme arises from the growing need for the expertise in the field of environmental studies. Graduates will be able to identify, assess and rectify environmental problems. The programme is designed to provide the scientific and managerial skills needed to tackle the environmental challenges of the 21st Century.

The programme will cover various areas of the environmental components including topics such as ecosystem management, resource conservation, and land use planning, natural hazards, various types of pollution to the environment, analytical methods towards assessment of pollution, and the policy dimensions of environmental issues. The programme will put special emphasis on areas in environmental issues which are related to the specific situation in Tanzania as identified in the National Environmental Policy, these are; Land Degradation, Pollution Management and Urbanization, Agricultural and Land Resources destruction, Deforestation, Destruction of Wildlife and Problems associated with mining activities.

Programme Summary

Course Name: B.Sc Environmental Studies
Course Initials:  B.Sc. ES
Duration:  3-8 years
Total Units:  38
Mode of Deliverence: Intensive Face to Face, Open Distance

Programme Informations