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Bachelor of Arts in Tourism Management (BTM)

The Bachelor of Arts in Tourism Management (BTM) is a revised programme of the old BA Tourism studies. It prepares competent graduates for career in the tourism and travel industries. It has been designed to give students a solid foundation to both disciplines in order to prepare them for leadership in tourism sector. Increasingly, employers prefer university graduates with analytical as well as practical skills for management positions. This programme is aimed at producing informed and knowledgeable graduates with a critical awareness of tourism as one of the most powerful forces in the globalized world of today. They should be in a position to demonstrate a theoretically based and practically sound level of competence for employment as tourism officers, tourism marketers, analysts, tourism planners, travel agents, managers, researchers, educators, policy-makers, and tourism entrepreneurs.

Programme Summary

Course Name:BTM
Course Initials:  BTM
Duration:  3 years
Total Units:  38
Mode of Deliverence:

Programme Informations

The following are subjects offered for Bachelor of Arts Tourism Management (BTM): Level 1
Course Codes Course Title Status of the course
OTM 101 Introduction to Tourism Core
OTM 102 Introduction to Wildlife Ecology Core
OTM 103 Integrated Hospitality Operations Core
OTM 104 Special Interest Tourism Elective
OTM 105 Leisure and Recreation Tourism Core
OTM 106 Customer Care concepts and practices in Tourism New this academic year (2022/2023. For old students, it is OME 313
OFC   017 Communication Skills Core
FRA 1 French for Beginners Elective
OJO 228 Public Relations Elective
ORM 101 Background to Natural Resources   Elective
Level 2
Course Codes Course Title  
OTM 201 Cultural and Heritage Tourism Core
OTM 202 Tourism Economics Core
OTM 203 Tourism Policy & Planning Core
OTM 204 Tourism Marketing and Promotion Core
OTM 205 Sustainable Tourism Development Core
OCP  100 Introduction to Computer Core
OEC 134 Social Sciences Research Methods Core
FRA 2 Intermediate French Elective
OLS 203 Collection Developments and Management
Level 3
Course Codes Course Title  
OTM 301 Event and Festival Planning Development Core
OTM 302 Travel and Tour Operations Management Core
OTM 303 Tourism Entrepreneurship Core
OTM 305A Tourism field Study (May each year) Core
OTM 305 B Tourism Internship -4weeks (April-August each year) Core
OTM 305 C Special Project ( Dissertation) Core
  1. OTM 305 A- Tourism Field Study  
Tourism field study will be done by all second years’ students (after completion of 200 series course). This is a compulsory field study to all BTM students. The University will cover organization costs and any other charges as stipulated in cost sharing policy of University. Students must pay course fee as per university regulation and cover their travel expenses (the cost of living and other costs as will be communicated by the department. This is usually a one week education trip to tourism and hospitality establishments and there is no alternative to this. OTM 305 A is a compulsory course, so all students, whom fail to attend will not attain BATM. It is usually conducted in May or June. Registration for the field trip is usually in January. For those who register for a trip and fail to attend, they will have to pay again when next in offer.  
  1. OTM 305 B- Tourism Internship  
Tourism students are advised to attach themselves in one of the tourist service providers such as national parks, hotels, travel and tour companies, Museum etc. It is not allowed to intern in your working office. The registration for internship is always in January. The internship is for FOUR weeks. Students are advice do their internship between April and August Each Year.  
  1. OTM 305 C-Tourism Research Project (Dissertation)
Students are advised to propose a title of their interest and email them to the Tourism Department. Thereafter, the department will review the title and give you feedback as either accepted/ accepted with few amendments/rejected and required to re-send. This is done in January each year. The end of submitting a complete research project is AUGUST each year.