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Basic Certificate in Computing and IT

This programme comprises a total of eleven (11) Modules that spread over one academic year with two semesters.Students in this course will be involved in class sessions as well as industrial training.To reach the course objectives, the whole course is designed in a more practical oriented.Students are encouraged to put into practice all what they learn in order to develop their interest and competencies in problem solving skills, self-reflection and critical thinking.Students who successfully complete the course programme are eligible for the award of NTA Level 4 provided they meet a Minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0 which is equivalent to pass. Upon Successful completion of NTA level 4, a student may continue to NTA Level 5.

Programme Summary

Course Name: Basic Technician Certificate in Computing and Information Technology NTA Level 4
Course Initials:  Certificate in Computing and IT
Duration: 1 year
Total Units: 12
Mode of Deliverance: Blanded Mode

Programme Informations