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Employability Skills Course

Employability Skills Online Self-paced course

Introductory offer of 60,000/= 

Please note: This is a self-paced course meaning you can start and finish whenever you like. There are no live video lessons or tutor interaction but here are three tutor-marked assignments. The only face-to-face interaction you will have is during the live interview at the end of the course.

Many people leave school and university with really good qualifications but find it hard to make the transition into the world of work. This is because schools and colleges do not teach soft skills like communication and technical skills like how to send a professional business email.

There are three assignments which make up your final mark on this course.

Assessment task Assessed by Weight
1. Sending an email OUT staff 20%
2. Live interview Independent recruitment officer 50%
3. Self-reflection essay OUT staff 30%

The pass mark for this course is 70%

90+ Pass with distinction
80+ Pass with merit
70+ Pass

At the end of the course there is a real live interview with a recruiter which will test your CV writing and spoken communication skills. This will give you a great opportunity to practice what you’ve learnt on this course and give you an experience which will make you more confident at your next interview.

As emailing is such a big area of concern with employers, there is also individual feedback on an email which you will write and send.

At the end of the course you will be required to practice your written communication skills by writing a short self-reflection essay on what aspects of your own behaviour and actions needs to be improved.

You need to attempt all three assessments to get a final mark.

Welcome to our Employability Skills course.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand different forms of communication and their appropriacy
  • Identify and remove possible communication barriers
  • Reflect on and improve your own communication skills
  • Understand the format of a professional business email
  • Learn common phrases used in business emails
  • Identify your own areas of weakness in the 5 digital skills competences
  • Know where to go online to find free skills courses
  • Identify places to find job vacancies
  • Identify jobs for which you are suitable
  • Write a simple CV
  • Write a cover letter
  • Practice interview skills
  • Write a self-refection essay

All payment should be done through:

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AC Name: The Open University of Tanzania
AC No: 011103033713

For more information regarding payment and enrollment contact:
Phone: 0715 29 59 31

After payment is received, you will receive an email with your course login details.

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