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English Proficiency Certificate Programme (EPCP)

We offer an online course known as English Proficiency Certificate Program. This course is served for international and local students. The course runs in blended mode. Classes runs three days a week; Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 16:00 – 18:00 PM. Target groups are people with a basic level of English but wish to improve in listening, speaking, writing and reading in English at the end of the course, you attain: The Open University of Tanzania English Proficiency Certificate (for applying for promotions, jobs, college admissions and scholarships), English materials for lifelong reference knowledge of English learning computer applications. We charge 200,000 Tshs. for tuition and learning materials for the three months that the course runs for every stage for local students. The international students pay fees in USD, which is USD. 1780 for Elementary Level, USD. 1,220 for Intermediate Level and USD. 1,220 for Advanced Level.


  • Duration = 9 months
  • Learning Mode = Blended
  • Fees: Tsh. 200,000/= @ level
  • Payee’ name: The Open University of Tanzania (OCB)
  • Bank:   National Bank of Commerce Branch:   Corporate Branch
  • Number TZS: 011103033713.
  • Number USD: 011105015143.
  • Coordinator= Mr. Emmanuel Msangi (Tel. +255739519226)
  • Assessment: English Proficiency Test (100%)