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Master of Arts in Mass Communication (MA MC)

The Master of Arts in Mass Communication (MA MC) programme generally aims at preparing learners to be mass communication experts who can execute their duties strategically to meet organizational goals and objectives. It will enable them to work in dynamic environments regardless of the political, social or economic situations. It offers courses that will enhance their ability to communicate effectively and most importantly to keep them abreast of evolving communication technologies. They will be exposed to corporate communication, mass communication planning and evaluation as well as media regulations and ethics. These courses will be extensively covered through blended mode that entails face-to-face, e-learning through the Moodle Platform, and webinar lectures through zoom.

Programme Summary

Course Name: Master of Arts in Mass Communication

Course Initials: MAMC

Duration: 18 Months to 4 Years

Total Units: 18      

Mode of Delivery: Blended



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