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Master of Arts in Journalism

The main objective of the MA Journalism Programme is to equip middle and senior professional media personnel with innovative knowledge, skills and values in news analysis, editorial writing and management. The need for the expertise in these areas arises from various factors including lack of news analysis and poorly written editorials in local media and presence of media managers who have not received training in media management. The programme is open to applicants with a background of journalism and mass communication or social science subjects but preferably with a minimum of three years’ experience in active journalism or media related field. Applicants with a science background will also be considered admission if they meet the minimum entry qualifications. The programme will be open to relevant institutions both government and non-governmental and individual self-sponsored candidates upon proving that they are financial capable of meeting all the financial obligations demanded by the programme.


Programme Summary

Course Name:Master of Arts in Journalism
Course Initials:Master of Arts in Journalism
Total Units:18 
Mode of Deliverence:

Programmes Informations

Candidates holding the following qualifications will be eligible for admission into the Master of Arts in Mass Communication (MA MC) Programme:

  1. First degree holders from recognized universities in the field of journalism and mass communication.
  2. Candidates with Advanced Diploma or a Pass Degree in Journalism and Mass Communication will also be considered for admission if they have satisfied the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences that they have exhibited academic potential through extensive field work and/or additional training.

Course code

Course title

OJO 600

Editorial Writing and News Analysis

OJO 601

Applied News Analysis

OJO 602

Mass Media Regulations

OJO 603

Mass Media Ethics

OJO 604

Strategic Media Management

OJO 605

Advanced Mass Media Research Methodology

OJO 606


Payments are done per unit where as one unit costs 180,000 currently. In addition to tuition fee, students will be required to pay other charges like examination fees, essential reference books, stationaries and other related costs for attending practical sessions

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The  Master of Arts in Journalism is designed to meet the needs of labour market and educational needs of recent graduates and professionals. The program’s curriculum emphasizes the integrated nature of the communication discipline. For example, the program offers education in communication research, theories of  Journalism, public opinion and media, theories of development and development communication, communication regulations and ethics, new media technology and communication planning.  Therefore, the programme will provide the opportunity for career enhancement and/or further graduate studies.

Internal assessment

All courses are examined during the academic year in which they are studied. The assessment consists of a two hour written test in the middle of the academic year and a three hour annual examination at the end of the academic year. The test contributes 30% while the annual examination contributes 70% to the final grade. More details on assessment regulations are provided in the OUT prospectus.

 External examiner

All tests and examinations are usually submitted to an external examiner unless a candidate appeals for re-examination of examination. Dissertations are submitted for evaluation to external examiner.