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Master of Arts in Kiswahili (MA Kiswahili)

The MA Kiswahili programme has the three key objectives:

To train skilled professionals in Kiswahili Language, Linguistics and Literature

 Produce scholars who can comprehend the significance of Kiswahili Language and its contribution towards national and international development

To equip students with stock of capabilities particularly in research and publication.



Programme Summary

Course Name:Master of Arts in Kiswahili
Course Initials: MA Kiswahili
Duration:  18 Months
Total Units:18 
Mode of Deliverence: Hybrid Mode

Programmes Informations

Course Code

Course Title

OSW 608

Kiswahili Phonology

OSW 609

Kiswahili Morphology

OSW 610

Kiswahili Syntax

OSW 611

Kiswahili Semantics

Elective Courses

OSW 612

History of Kiswahili Dialet

OSW 613


OSW 614

Translation: Theory and Practice

OSW 615

Kiswahili Lexicography

Compulsory Courses

OSW 616

Research Methodology

OSW 617

Dissertation Writing

1. Dr. Mohammed Omary
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