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Master of Arts in Natural Resource Assessment and Management (MANRAM)

The Masters of Arts in Natural Resource Assessment and Management programme intends to provide a unique opportunity to students who wish to develop their career in natural resource management. Candidates completing this course will be of great value to employers, introducing new skills and practices in the specialized areas covered by the graduate. The course guarantees that all students completing this course meet the Faculty and the OUT standards parallel with the mission of the Open University of Tanzania.

The rationale for conducting M.A. (NRAM) is as follows. Firstly, the Department frequently has observed that, students after graduating their first degree and during Face to Face contacts requested for the launching of a taught M.A. programme.  It is on this basis and requests received from clientele specified their demand for M.A. (NRAM) programme by coursework.  The above observations justify M.A. (NRAM) is demand driven.  Partly, it is an indication of the rising need for sustainable resource use knowledge and skills for social development which today has occupied global concern in the market-oriented economy. The market –oriented nature of the economy has increased the demand for expertise in resource assessment, planning and management for sustainable consumption and production of resources at different levels. Furthermore, the Department of Geography has seven PhD holders with qualifications relevant to the programme. The lecturers have already developed course outlines and are ready for lectures for students wishing to study by executive and evening modes. The Department is optimistic now that, the existing qualified teaching staff will manage to teach M.A. (NRAM) courses competently and deliver expected outputs in the market-oriented economy. To that effect, the teaching staff will impart natural resource management skills and expertise to students who will be marketable in the open labour market or for self-employment.

Programme Summary

Course Name:Childhood Education
Course Initials:  CECCE
Duration:  1 year
Total Units:  12
Mode of Deliverence:

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