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Master of Science in Economics (MSc. Economics)


The postgraduate study in economics is extremely imperative for individuals who make top strategic economic decisions and those involved in economic policy design, analysis, appraisal and implementation. The right dose of postgraduate study in economics is, therefore, essential in order to elevate and strengthen the analytical competencies and best practices that are increasingly required to solve complex issues in this modern era of globalization. The ECED department at the Open University of Tanzania continues to enjoy a distinguished record in teaching and research. The depth and breadth of teaching and research cover contemporary issues in both modern economic theory and applied economics with practical applications. Indeed, ECED offers the challenging, yet stimulating environment to pursue postgraduate research in any field of applied economics.

Since its inception in 1992, the Open University of Tanzania has been running an undergraduate degree program in economics. Many graduates from this undergraduate programme have been employed in government ministries, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), financial sector, business sector, etc. Others have gone for further studies in different fields due to lack of an appropriate postgraduate program in economics at the Open University of Tanzania. What is more and perhaps even more important is that there is a serious paucity of economists in the country who are holding postgraduate qualification in economics. In the face of these pragmatic realities, this MSc program has been meticulously designed to address those demands.

Programme Summary

Course Name: Master of Science in Economics
Course Initial: MSc. Economics
Course Duration: 15 Months
Total number of Units: (200 credits) 7 units (5 cores & 2 electives)
Mode of Deliverance: Blended Mode (face to face; zoom and moodle platform)

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