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Master of Education in Quality Management (MED -QM)

Background and Objectives

The Master of Education in Quality Management (M.ED QM) programme was developed by the Faculty of Education and approved by TCU in the year 2019. Applicants wishing to undertake the programme by the Distance mode are highly welcomed. However, the programme will also be offered through Evening and Executive modes.

General Purpose

The general objective of this programme is to produce a cadre of educational managers that will have knowledge, skills and aptitude on education standards and quality assurance. The programme is meant to raise the contribution of the Open University of Tanzania in the effective quality management of education systems in and outside Tanzania.




Programme Summary

Course Name:Master of Education in Quality Management
Course Initials:  MED -QM
Duration:  2 year
Total Units:  18
Mode of Deliverence: Blended Learning

Programmes Informations

The Minimum Entry Qualifications for the candidate of a Master’s degree programme shall hold either;-

  1. A degree which is in the level of second class or above, or
  2. Unclassified degree which has a B grade or above, or
  3. A pass degree in which the candidate’s performance in education was a B grade or above;


The candidate should satisfy the Faculty of Education that he/she has exhibited academic   potential through extensive fieldwork, subsequent research experience and/or additional training.



The programme is made up of taught courses and a dissertation.  Each course is valued at two credit units. Students will be required to study a minimum of 12 units.

The assessment components comprise: 

  • A Main Test for each course
  • An Annual Examination for each course to be taken by the end of the ninth month
  • Dissertation: students will have to do research project and write a dissertation that will carry six (6) points.


Assessments will have the following weights:

  • Continuous Assessment —————– 30%
  • Annual examination———————- 70%
  • Total——————————— 100%


  • Dissertation——————————- 100%

Core Courses



Credit Units

OEM 601

Theory and Practice of Quality Management


OEM 602

Standards , Accreditation and Regulations


OEM 603

School Quality Assurance: Theory and Practice


OED 626

Research Methodology, Computer Application and Statistics


OEI 602

Curriculum Leadership, Development and Implementation


OED 699



Elective Course (Any One)



Credit Units

OED 634

Educational leadership, Training and Development


OEM 604

Resources Management in Education



Fees are levied according to the number of units of study selected. One unit course taken theoretically will cost Tsh. 180,000/=,  therefore two units course will cost Tsh. 360,000/= . For a dissertation one unit will cost Tsh. 180,000/= , then the fee to be paid for 6 units course (dissertation) is Ths. 1,080,000/=. For more information contact Faculty of Education Handbook and the University Prospectus.



Head, Department of Educational Policy, Planning and Administration (Mob. 0786 426 163)

Program Cordinator (Mob.0784 891 619)

Faculty of Education (Dean Mob. 0688496857)

The Open University of Tanzania

PO Box 23409

Dar es Salaam



It is expected that by the end of the programme, students should be able to:

  • poses higher level of academic qualifications in quality management and have a wider reasoning capacity in their areas of specialization;
  • explain, analyze and develop processes in the maintenance of education standards, regulating qualifications frameworks, minimum standards/benchmarks, and accreditation;
  • use and apply educational principles and models in planning, teaching, researching and evaluating education standards;
  • demonstrate high level of competency in supervising and inspecting education institutions at each level of education
  • demonstrate high capability in planning, managing, evaluating, auditing and making sound academic decisions on education standards;
  • evaluate and measure education standards and quality delivery of education at each level of education, and nurture the process of supervision of education institutions.


 (i) Candidates registered for a Masters Programme study by Thesis shall be required to take a compulsory coursework in Research Methodology before commencement of Thesis write-up unless a candidate proves that a Research course at Postgraduate standard was done in which case credits will be transferred.

(ii) Candidates registered for the coursework and dissertation shall do continuous assessment and examinations.  Before they can be allowed to proceed with dissertation research phase, candidates must successfully complete the coursework part with an average grade of ‘B’ (i.e. GPA of at least 3.0).

(iii) Candidates studying by Thesis shall take a total of 10 units (i.e.) 2 units of Research Methodology before doing 8 of thesis.

(iv) Candidates, studying by coursework shall take a total of 18 units (i.e. 12 units of coursework and 6 units of dissertation).

 (v)    Coursework and Dissertation Masters programmes shall have the following mode of evaluation:

  • There shall be a timed test/continuous assessment worth 30%
  • There shall be supervised examinations worth 70% each.
  • A dissertation shall be evaluated independently and shall be worth 100%.

Master Degree in Education by Thesis

Thesis programmes shall have the following mode of evaluation:

  • The Research Methodology course shall bear the same evaluation procedures found in coursework programmes.
  • The Thesis shall also be evaluated independently and shall have the value of 100%.
  • Candidates shall be subjected to an oral examination (viva voce) once the thesis has been deemed acceptable by the examiners.
  • Exit award which is equivalent to Postgraduate Diploma in Education (EX PGDE) shall be offered to candidates who successfully complete the coursework part of the programme.


  • Full award: Upon completion and passing all courses and dissertation, a student will be awarded a Master of Education (Quality Management) degree of the Open University of Tanzania
  • Exit award: For students who successfully complete the coursework, but fail to submit the dissertation may qualify for an exit award of Postgraduate Diploma in Education Quality Management (PGDE QM).