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Masters of Education in Administration, Planning & Policy Studies (M. Ed (APPS))

The Master of Education in Administration, Planning and Policy Studies course . It’s three to five year course.


Programme Summary

Course Name: Master of Education in Administration, Planning and Policy Studies
Course Initials:  MEd APP
Duration:  3-5  year
Total Units:  18
Mode of Deliverence: Blended Mode

Programmes Informations

The Minimum Entry Qualifications for the candidate of a Master’s degree programme shall hold either:-

  1. A degree which is in the level of second class or above, or
  2. Unclassified degree which has a B grade or above, or
  3. A pass degree in which the candidate’s performance in education was a B grade or above; and/or

The candidate should satisfy the Faculty of Education that he/she has exhibited academic potential through extensive fieldwork, subsequent research experience and/or additional training.

This programme Students registered in M.Ed. APPS by coursework and dissertation shall take the following courses:

Table 1: Core Courses





OED 624

Development of Organizations



OED 625

Educational Planning



OED 626

Research Methodology, Computer Application and Statistics



OED 627

Policy Analysis, Implementation and Evaluation



OED 633

Human Resources Management and Development



OED 699




 Table 2: Elective Course

OED 628

Organization and Administration of Primarand Secondary Education



OED 632

Economics of Education



OED 634

OED 634 Educational Leadership



Students studying under M.Ed. APPS are required to take 7 courses including dissertation.


The Application, Tuition and Other Fees for MED APPS students are as follows:

Course Fees are levied according to the number of Units of study selected. For example, it will cost Tsh. 180,000/= for one unit course taken theoretically or Tsh. 180,000/= (for one unit) for a dissertation. If the subject has two units, then the fee to be paid is Tsh. 360,000/= for theoretical subject. Student is also required other costs, this is described as per University Prospectus as follows:


Dr. Coletha C. NgirwaEmail:

The programme provides opportunities for students to develop and demonstrate knowledge and understanding, skills, qualities and other attributes in the following areas:

  • Knowledge and Understanding

On completing the programme students are expected to:

-Have developed understanding of educational policy, planning, administration and management.

-Demonstrate understanding of educational planning in cultural context, economic and national perspectives.

-Have developed knowledge and understanding of research and evaluation in diverse areas of educational planning, policy, management and administration.

-Have developed knowledge and understanding on how to manage both human and non-human resources in education institutions.

-Have developed knowledge and understanding on how to plan, implement and evaluate projects as well as rationale for entrepreneurship in education sector.


  • Intellectual Skills:

On completing the programme students are expected to have the ability to:

Show basic knowledge in management and Administration of schools and other Education institutions.

-Identify and apply appropriate identification, screening, assessment and early intervention methods and strategies in educational planning and implementation.

-Identify and apply appropriate research and evaluation methods in leadership and management of education institutions.

-Identify and apply principles and skills for managing human and no-human resources in educational organizations.

-Analyze and design projects in education institutions.

  • Professional/ Practical Skills:

On completing the M.ED APPS programme students are expected to have the ability to:

-Effectively and efficiently use of leadership and administrative skills in managing schools and other education institutions,

-Effectively use of research and evaluation skills in leadership and management of education institutions,

-Write and plan HRM interventions in education institutions,

-Design and implement viable projects in education institutions or programmes.

-Effectively and efficiently use of leadership and administrative skills in managing material and human resources in education institutions or programmes,

-Constructively plan and evaluate educational policies.


  • Transferable/Key Skills:

On completing the programme students are expected to have the ability to:

-Plan, carry out, and report on an individual research project,

-Carry out managerial tasks in schools, colleges and educational programmes,

-Participate constructively in planning and evaluation of educational policies,

-Find information and use information technology in enhancing effective management of human resources in education sector.


The assessment and examination system under the programme of M.ED APPS have been used to show the extent to which students have attained the expected learning outcomes.  Therefore, the examinations are in line with the programme contents and objectives. The assessment (through MOODLE Platform) and examination system provide timely feedback to students, provide opportunities for supplementary examinations, special sitting examinations and on-demand examinations.

The assessment and examination regulations are clear, published and known by all invigilators and students (see the OUT prospectus, DES’s notes to Students and Invigilators). The procedures and timetables for university academic activities such as students’ registration for examination, and attending face to face are always published through the University Regional Centers, Prospectus, and OUT website.