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Master in Tourism Planning Management (MTPM)

Master in Tourism Planning and Management (MTPM) programme is aimed at producing well informed and highly knowledgeable graduates with a critical awareness of tourism as one of the most powerful forces in the globalizing World. Graduates should be in a position to demonstrate a theoretically based and practically sound level of competence for employment as tourism officers, tourism marketers, analysts, tourism planners,  travel agents, managers, researchers, educators, policy-makers, and tourism entrepreneurs.


Programme Summary

Course Name: Master in Tourism Planning Management

Course Initials: MTPM

Duration: 2-6 Years
Total Units: 18
Mode of Delivery: Blended

Programmes Informations

a) According to the OUT prospectus 2020/2021, for admission to the Master’s Degree a candidate shall either hold a degree of The Open University of Tanzania or a qualification from an approved institution of higher learning, deemed to be equivalent to a degree of The Open University of Tanzania of not less than GPA 2.7.

(b) Candidates who hold unclassified degrees should have a credit or, a distinction in the subject of the intended Master’s Degree. Candidates with a Pass Degree will also be considered for admission if:
(i) Their undergraduate performance in the proposed subject of study was a B grade average or above; and

(ii) They have satisfied the relevant Faculty/Institute that they have exhibited academic potential through extensive field work, subsequent research experience and/or additional training.

(c) Candidates for Masters Degree by thesis should in addition to the above have extensive or rich experience in research in the area of study. Such candidates must also publish at least two papers in local journals or refered conference proceedings or one paper in an international journal or refered conference proceedings.

CodeCourse TitleStatusUnit

OTM 601

Theories and Practice of Tourism


OTM 602

Tourism Policy and Planning


OTM 603

Approaches to Hospitality Management


OTM 604

Tourism and Hospitality Entrepreneurship


OTM 605

Tourism Marketing and Promotion


OTM 606

Sustainable Tourism Development


OTM 608

Advanced Social Sciences Research Methods Dissertation


OTM 609


Mr. Michael Patrick

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The following regulations will apply for the Programme:

All courses shall be examined during the academic year in which they are studied. The assessment shall consist of MOODLE participation, Term paper (or a long assignment) and a written 3 hours Annual Examination. MOODLE participation will contribute 20%; Term Paper 30% while the Annual Examination will contribute 50%.

  • A pass mark for both the coursework and examinations combined shall be 50%