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Postgraduate Diploma In Technical And Vocational Teacher Education

The Postgraduate Diploma in Technical and Vocational Teacher Education (PGD-TVTE) is a one-year programme taught in 4 blocks of 12 weeks each. It aims at providing the student teachers with pedagogical skills and strategies in teaching technical and vocational courses. Among others, the programme will equip the student teachers with competency in using the new information and communication technologies (ICTs) to create conducive learning environment in enhancing student’s knowledge and skills. The goal is to enable the learners to appreciate the ethical dimension of teacher professionalism in Technical and Vocational Education.


Programme Summary

Course Name:Postgraduate Diploma in Technical and Vocational Teacher Education
Course Initials:  PGD-TVTE
Duration:  1-3 years
Total Units:  22-28
Mode of Deliverence: Blended Mode


Programmes Informations