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Bachelor of Education Teacher Educator (Bed-TE)

The global world of today demands people to keep learning throughout their life span. The changes in technology, demand for regional and global integration, improvement in workplaces and improvement of livelihood in the communities; are some of the obvious manifestations of the need for continued training of educators with a focus on education, teacher education and more so on open and distance learning.

The BED-TE programme will combine all aspects of teaching and learning, with a view to developing professional teachers who will work to nurture and perpetuate learning for development of the nations and the world. The programme provides a strong balance of theoretical studies in education and practicum studies. Those who will attend this programme will be able to effectively perform as school teachers, education coordinators or even education officers.

The current teaching and learning environment is promoting student centered teaching and learning approaches against the former teacher centered approaches. Potential clients including those aspiring to be teachers, in-service teachers, ward education coordinators, district education officers (DEOs, WEO), classroom teachers, community educators etc will therefore benefit from this programme as it gives exposure of required changes in practice.

Programme Summary

Course Name: Bachelor of Education (Teacher Educator)
Course Initials: BED TE
Duration: Minimum 3 Years-Maximum 6 Years
Total Units: 34
Mode of Delivery: Blended

Programme Informations