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Poultry production in Eastern Africa currently makes a significant economic contribution at both household and national levels. Its Importance is however not captured in the government economic data. Skilled manpower specialised in poultry production is limited. Specialised Courses in Poultry production and health that are important in improving poultry production are not offered by Training Institutions in Eastern Africa. Nevertheless, the potential of poultry production as an economic enterprise is very high. In the rural areas where close to 80% of the people live and where per capita income is the lowest, poultry has a high potential for poverty reduction and wealth creation. Commercial poultry production enterprises that are concentrated mainly in urban and peri-urban areas are not doing very well as business enterprises. Both in rural and urban areas, poultry production are constrained by high prevalence of killer diseases and poor husbandry methods. This is in spite of the great market potential for poultry meat and products. 
There is thus urgent need of training specialised manpower in order to promote poultry production. A Certificate Course in poultry production would equip graduates with knowledge and skills for all levels of poultry production enterprises.  The Certificate graduate will be especially equipped with practical skills.  There shall be a strong bias in practical skills.

Programme Summary

Course Name:CPPH
Course Initials:  CPPH
Total Units:  40
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