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Student    intends to transfer for purposes of accumulating  credits on a specific subject, module or course or part of it shall be required to fulfil the following conditions:-

i)Must have been registered in the programme to which the credit will be accumulated,

ii)The subject course of module for credit accumulation must be relevant to the programme to which the student is registered.

iii)    The subject, course or module has been successful completed before the credit can be earned.

iv)     Transfer of credits takes place within a period not exceeding five years from the time they were earned.

v)       The transfer student should have cleared all his/her supplementary examination   from realising Institution but can transfer carry overs.

vi)     Students discontinued on disciplinary action are not allowed to transfer their credit. However, those wishing to continue in programmes they were discontinued from they will have to wait until a lapse of three years.

vii)   Students discontinued on disciplinary grounds are not allowed to transfer their credit. Those wish to continue with university education will have to wait until a lapse of three years.

viii)  A student, who intends to transfer for purposes of graduating in a receiving institution, shall be required to earn at least 50% of the total credits from that institution’s core courses.

ix)     The rules primarily apply for both  undergraduate and postgraduate programmes

x)       Credits for dissertation and final year project shall not be transferred

xi)     No credit may be transferred in practical based or field based subjects

xii)   Credit earned more than 5 years shall not be transferred.

The Procedure for Credit Transfer at OUT

(i)             Before being considered for transfer credit to OUT, the student must meet the admission criteria of the OUT as approved by TCU.

(ii)           If student qualifies, has to write an application letter requesting credit transfer to Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic, UFS, Director of Undergraduate Studies, Open University of Tanzania, P. O Box 23409, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The letter should be accompanied by the followings:- First, academic transcript and releasing letter showing reasons for transfer from releasing University. Second, all relevant academic certificates and AVN numbers for the Diploma holders. Third, official receipt of Tshs 80, 000/= for local and USD 100 for international students. The documents may also be sent through

(iii)Once the documents have been received by DUGS, will be internally processed and submitted to UGSC and Senate for approval subsequently to TCU for final approval.

(iv)          Student will only be informed of the credit transfer status after the approval of TCU.

(v)            Credit transfer can only be done during course registration at any new academic year. No transfer of credits in the mid of academic year allowed.