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  1. Credit transfer is a process whereby successful completed course units of study programme contributing towards a degree transferred from one university to the Open University of Tanzania (OUT).


  1. Before considered for transfer credit to OUT, the student must meet the admission criteria of that particular programme offered by the OUT as approved by OUT Senate.


  1. Application for credit transfer is done both online and manually as per provided steps below.


  1. The applicant must apply for admission at the OUT through the OUT Online Application System (OAS) available at undergraduate window.
  2. Log in OAS by using application account eg. S0175/0012/2009 password 123456 and follow instructions as indicated in the OAS.
  • Write a letter requesting credit transfer to Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic, UFS, Director of Undergraduate Studies, Open University of Tanzania, P. O Box 23409, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
  1. The letter must clearly state reasons for transfer and accompanied by the followings:-
  • Academic transcript from releasing university
  • Releasing letter showing reasons for transfer from releasing University.
  • Relevant academic certificates and AVN numbers for the Diploma holders used to gain admission at releasing university
  • Official receipt of Tshs 80,000/= for local and USD 100 for international students obtained at any nearest OUT regional centre office.


  1. The letter must be sent through email to and copy to
  2. The window for credit transfer application 2021-2022 academic year shall commence on 15th July 2021.
  3. The deadline for submission of credit transfer is 20th September 2021 to allow internal approval processes.
  4. The feedback on successful applicants shall be announced on 16th December 2021 via student’s contacts and the OUT website undergraduate window.