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Department of Physical and Enviromental Sciences (PESs)

The department of Physical and Environmental Sciences (PESs) offers courses which touch three subject areas, namely, Physics, Chemistry and Environmental Sciences. Each subject has a different course code as follows: OPH stands for Physics, OCH stands for Chemistry and OEV stands for Environment. The courses that are being offered in Physical and Environmental Sciences department feature in the following four degree programmes: Bachelor of Science General (BSc. Gen.), Bachelor of Science with Education (BSc. Edu.), Bachelor of Sciences in Energy Resources (BSc. ER) and Bachelor of Environmental Studies (BSc. Env Sciences). The department also offers postgraduate programmes in Physics, Chemistry and Environmental studies at Masters and PhD levels. All these postgraduate programmes are by thesis except Master of Science in Environmental Studies (MES) which is run by course work and dissertation.

Head of Department

Name: Prof. Paul D. Ikwaba
Mobile: +255 765 252 628

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